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Discord AIO Tool (Mass DM, Joiner etc..)

SurDM is a Full Fledged & Working Discord AIO.


  • Mass DMer - Send DMs
  • Joiner - Join guilds
  • Online Scraper - Scrape online members of a guild
  • Offline Scraper - Scrape offline members of a guild
  • Token checker - Filter out valid, invalid & locked tokens to seperate txts
  • Hypesquad Changer
  • Username Changer
  • Password Changer
  • Bio Changer
  • Guild Checker - Check whether your tokens are in a certain guild and output it to seperate txts
  • Proxy Checker - Check your proxies prior to using them and filter out only speedy ones
  • Reaction Adder
  • Token Date Filterer
  • PFP Changer
  • Friend Request Sender
  • Display Name Changer
  • Invite to Guild ID

List of avaiable licenses:

1-Day License ($10) : Click here to buy
3-Day License ($25): Click here to buy
7-Day License ($50): Click here to buy
1-Month License ($150): Click here to buy