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Providing customer services since January 2022

As a retailer of digital products, we reserve a right to sell under the guidance of these terms of service. By using our services you automatically agree to these terms and policies. Breaking any rules or terms might result in a ban/blacklist from the store and refusal to further provide our services.

  • This store is under a strict no refund policy. If the product is faulty a replacement may be possible.

  • You have 12-hours from the time of purchase to report any NON-WORKING tokens/accounts and receive a replacement.

  • You're eligible for a replacement if:

    • Tokens are not working when you receive them.
    • Contacting us with your Order Id within the warranty period.
    • Using Discord-Token-Checker to make sure tokens are indeed invalid and show us the screenshot. Outputs or logs of any third-party software is not a basis for replacements.
    • In case of Twitter accounts, replacement is only possible if accounts are suspended when you receive them within the warranty period which is 12-hours. In addition, We don't do replacements if you don't use proxies ,using a VPN or bad proxies when you sign in.
  • Contacting any kind of support on the websites we advertise on or leaving any kind of negative feedback before contacting us is considered that a support case has been solved and closed without a satisfactory result and no additional support may be provided, furthermore a blacklist from our store may be issued.

  • You will accept not to use our service for any illegal, malicious purpose.

Important! None of our accounts contain any kind of Personally Identifiable Information. All accounts are populated with random data, that is not related to any existing person.

Zero Tolerance SPAM policy. We are not welcome people use our service for any malicious purpose. You assume full responsibility for anything you're doing with accounts after you purchase them.